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German Treats – Kartoffelpuffers and Honey Biscuits

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Special German Treats

Hahndorf Walking Tours (HWT) is bringing the opportunity for guests to a make a couple of special German treats which have been part of German culture for centuries. As a young bride I lived in the Barossa Valley for five years and was introduced to many German specialties. Now that I live in Hahndorf I have found the traditional cooking to be different in many ways.

Two specialities that have followed me to Hahndorf are Honey biscuits, and Kartoffelpuffers.

Margie Gerhardy lives in Hahndorf and her mother grew up in the Barossa. She was taught to make several German treats by her mother. Join Margie and me and learn how to make these two treats, so you can share them with your family and friends.

Taking place in St Michael’s Lutheran Church kitchen all ingredients will be provided. Participants will work in pairs. There will be an opportunity to share together as well as take home some finished product. A tour of the historic Lutheran church and grounds will be included in the morning as time allows. Read further for specific details.


Approx. 2.5 Hours


Only eight participants per class.


  • Thursday October 14th 10:30am
  • Saturday October 23rd 10:30am

A German dish cooked across many regions of Germany is the Kartoffelpuffer.

The Kartoffelpuffer (German pancake) made its way to Australia (and of course to Hahndorf), often cooked in local homes, and also at St Michael’s markets when they occurred monthly in the village.

Before long you’ll be listening to the crackling sounds and smells of frying Kartoffelpuffer filling the air and creating your own special memories.

Activities during the morning

  • Greeted with a cuppa while you meet your fellow cooks
  • Make and cook a batch of your own delicious Kartoffelpuffers
  • Short tour and history of church and historic cemetery
  • Light lunch together including your Kartoffelpuffer, green salad and homemade bread, with Apple juice/water


  • December 4th 10:00am – 12noon

Honey was used as a sweetener and also for flavour to add to biscuit dough. It was often the only ingredient available as spices were hard to obtain. Over time other spices have been added and depending on different traditions and family preferences the basic recipe can be changed to suit yourself.
As Christmas draws near honey biscuits are the perfect gift, a special treat and can also be a decoration on your tree.

Activity during the morning
Greeted with a cuppa while you meet your fellow cooks and the history of the Honey biscuit
Make and cook a batch of honey biscuits
Cook a Honey biscuit in the shape of a star to hang on your Christmas tree if you wish
Decorate 12 premade honey biscuits which can be packaged up into 3×4 biscuit cellophane packages to take home as gifts
* Short tour and history of church and historic cemetery

If classes are booked out you have the opportunity to email [email protected] highlighting which class interests you. You will then be contacted when an additional date is provided. If classes aren’t filled you will be contacted seven days prior, with an alternative venue and/or alternative date.

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