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Hahndorf Strassendorf Walking Tour

Experience Hahndorf Food & Culture

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Map Marker Meeting Location: Hahndorf Inn

Special Sundays during June and July

Special Sundays: available dates June and July

Morning Walking Tour
Adult Start with a minimum booking of two! Either pay for both or invite a friend.
Children June & July only special price for June & July

Welcome to the Strassendorf Walking Tour

Join us for an exclusive journey through time and history as we explore locations not typically accessible to the general public, offering numerous photographic opportunities along the way.

Our tour guide meets you at the Hahndorf Inn but we head straight to St Paul’s Lutheran church – an iconic piece of Hahndorf’s history, where we offer you exclusive access to discover its captivating past.

Step inside and listen as the echoes of history come to life. Hear the heroic story of the early settlers of Hahndorf and their courageous flight from Prussia, a tale of determination and resilience that shaped the very essence of this town.

As you explore the church and its surroundings, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the architecture, Our knowledgeable guides will illuminate its construction and later in the tour, the Germanic (fachwerk) techniques, that give Hahndorf buildings their unique character.

But that’s not all! Prepare to be amazed as you delve into the fascinating narrative of the Pioneer Women’s walking trail, a tribute to the strong, pioneering women who left an indelible mark on Hahndorf’s, and in fact South Australia’s history.

And, of course, no visit to Hahndorf would be complete without exploring the local folklore. Learn the captivating stories behind the ‘ol pear tree and the humble pretzel, two symbols deeply intertwined with the heart and soul of this charming village.

These are the untold stories that you wouldn’t come across without a knowledgeable guide to lead the way.

Come, be part of this captivating journey, and discover the hidden gems of Hahndorf with us. We’re certain you’ll relish the knowledge and revel in the experience. Book your tour today!


Hahndorf Walking Tours also provides guests with the opportunity to book into the Hahndorf Inn for lunch or dinner at the same time as booking your tour.

There are lots of great eating houses in Hahndorf but this historic pub has a great selection of meals and lots of items to keep you interested.

There is also a carpark at the rear of the Inn for patrons.

Our guests are given priority seating.