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Visite guidée historique à Hahndorf, Australie-Méridionale

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Découvrez Hahndorf comme un habitant dans l’une de nos randonnées pédestres de Hahndorf guidée par Sharon Pippos, une passionnée de Hahndorf et passionnée d’histoire. Rencontrez le Capitaine Hahn, apprenez-en davantage sur l’architecture «fachwerk» et visitez des sites importants et intrigants tels que le mémorial des Pionniers de la marche des femmes dans le village. Certains endroits sont sur des propriétés privées et l’accès est uniquement disponible via une visite à pied Hahndorf.

Hahndorf Walking Tours est une entreprise éthique, offrant un service client de qualité. Tous les sites sont accessibles aux fauteuils roulants. 10% des revenus sont reversés à l’Armée du Salut. Les réservations sont recommandées pour éviter toute déception. Les visites ne se font pas régulièrement durant les mois de juin et juillet, mais les demandes de renseignements sont les bienvenues si une visite est possible.

Sharon whispering to the audience holding a lantern
Sharon whispering to the audience holding a lantern

Experience Hahndorf Like a Local

Great insights on Hahndorf's fascinating history

We booked the After Dark Walking Tour and were very glad we did! Sharon shared some amazing stories of the town and it's original Prussian settlers as we walked around by lamplight, even going into St Paul’s Lutheran church. We really valued hearing about the people behind the beautiful buildings and streets. Thanks to Sharon, we had a whole new perspective of the town the next day as we strolled, shopped and ate. Thanks Sharon for being so enthusiastic and well informed.

– Darron L on TripAdvisor
Just fascinating

We did the Hahndorf After Dark tour, which was just fascinating. We got to go into the beautiful old church (deliciously spooky waiting to go in through the old green doors and looking up at the old bell tower in the dark...! ) and hear about the incredible people who built it. Sharon has amazing knowledge of the whole history of the village, including peoples names, family stories and even has access to old family diaries which mention the first boats arriving; just amazing.

– j d on TripAdvisor
Strudel, stroll, and singing

I took part in the "Strudel and Stroll" walking tour with Sharon - discovering many interesting things about Hahndorf along the way. Venturing down "secret" alleyways, finding out about places I'd just walked past may times - fascinating! Our state's heritage is fascinating. Sharon is knowledgeable, funny, inclusive and passionate.

– Wendy R on TripAdvisor
Hahndorf seen up close and personal

This is an interesting, easy paced walk through Hahndorf. I've passed through these streets many times but haven't really SEEN the buildings and certainly haven't heard the stories that make up Hahndorf. Sharon is personable and fun, and full of interesting insights, facts and figures. The tastings along the way were great and very appreciated!!

– Jo P on TripAdvisor
Storytelling + Strudel

Sharon brings the historical characters of Hahndorf to life with her well researched stories. I have been to Hahndorf many times and now I see it in a whole new light - with greater depth and empathy for the pioneers who made it all happen. Sharon has created a unique engaging immersive experience combining her own historical connections to Hahndorf with her passion for the place and her research and storytelling skills. Eating the freshly baked apple strudels we made with a cuppa at the Hahndorf Inn was a brilliant idea and enjoyed by all. Highly recommend.

– Abby D on TripAdvisor