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Teacher's Contribution

If you can’t travel to Hahndorf give your students a guest speaker and interactive experience

This is an opportunity for your students or homeschooled children to experience Hahndorf from your own location.

Hahndorf is a village many schools visit every year to meet curriculum guidelines and just because it is a great place experience Germanic food and beverages. If you can’t visit the village then why not utilise technology and come on a virtual tour/experience instead?

In this way unique way, your students will gain understanding of the effects on people in early immigration, be introduced to the history of Hahndorf, the type of architecture, food, and stories of the village.

Owner/operator of Hahndorf Walking Tours, Sharon Pippos lives in the village and will provide an entertaining, fun and interactive experience to keep your students captivated and engaged.

Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs. Worksheets can also be provided on request to add to the experience.

Sharon has over 25 years experience working in the education system throughout regional South Australia and has a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) and Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

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