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The Hahndorf Story with a Traditional Custodians Perspective

Quick Details

Celebrate the wonders of the land of the Peramangk people with Ivan Copley, Elder of the Peramangk and Kaurna people and me, Sharon Pippos, local resident and owner/operator of Hahndorf Walking Tours. We’ll both take you on a journey on the property known as ‘The Cedars’ just outside the village of Hahndorf.The changing landscape and the changing useage of the land.

The Peramangk people nurtured this area of the Adelaide Hills for future generations. Ahead of his time Hans Heysen had purchased 60 hectares by 1938 to protect the magnificent gum trees on, and surrounding his property.

Ivan will be providing a Welcome to Country and a background history to the First Nations People. This will be followed by an overview of the relationship with the first settlers in Hahndorf – one of the few good new stories.

Together we’ll take a cultural walk to the Peramangk water holes: (Hahndorf Creek), and Hahndorf (Bukartila) Women’s Swimming holes. An authentic glimpse of the relationship between the Peramangk and the gum trees, hunting and gathering and the laws of the Land.

On this property there are trees over 600 years old and Heysen was the first Australian painter to focus on eucalyptus trees in their true light and form usually painting trees on his own property.
Tour duration approx. 90mins.
Tour does not include access to Heysen house or studio.

A tasting of Lemon Myrtle Tea will also be provided.